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What is Statistics

Statistics is a branch of Mathematics that deals with data. It may be pure Mathematics, probability, or applied Mathematics in which case it is used to organize data (Descriptive Statistics) or make predictions as to the occurrence of an event (Inferential Statistics). In several fields, including experimental science, the prediction take the form of the probability of a chance event to occur, the chance event being the finding of an experiment. If the probability of that the finding or result of research is a chance event, and not the result of the experimental manipulation is small, then we conclude that the finding of our research is reliable, i.e. it is significant.

The criteria I applied in the selection of the best Statistics textbook for college students and researchers are drawn from the sciences that conduct research and not from theoretical Mathematics. A textbook is rated for its teaching the logic, concepts and practical aspects of Statistics. In many fields, e .g. Medical, Behavioral, or Social Sciences, the main problem students and researchers face is not analyzing their data (there are many statistical packages that do this), but the question "Which statistical test I use". To be able to do this a researcher must have a good command of the concepts and logic of statistics. Formulas will not enlighten a researcher in the choice of a statistical test or a research strategy (experimental design).
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Is statistics a scientific tool that tells you what causes what?

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kind of ... spend a few months working on this site, then ask your question again.

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